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The TFB was founded in 2006 by Mr. Dilche, CISCO mitt and Mr. Luo Dewen’s private studio of the United States. It focused on the research of aquatic species and its return to natural aquaculture. They spent a large number of time in doing experiments which have been carried out to study the growth and cultivation of aquatic organisms and their plants by various biological strains, which served the work of high-end culture and the adjustment programme of ornamental fish in many countries. The entrustment is directly supplied to the manufacturers of production technology in Taiwan, China for processing and production. The technical patent and its trademark patent are both authorized by the representative company --Jinhui investment and financing company of the mainland region. Since 2017, formal synchronous packaging has been formally popularized, and the fish feed, fish tank, high-end living fish and fish medicine series of the whole industry chain service are set up. It is hoped that the new model of healthy, efficient and free fish breeding is given to the global fish lovers, which they can experience the new concept of fish raising. TheTBL are mainly concentrated on three pieces of Air bacteria, regenerating element and Wan Sheng. Other products are still customized services, and will continue to provide the consumers for appreciating in the future.



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