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  • Big red pouch
  • Big red pouch
  • Big red pouch
Big red pouchBig red pouchBig red pouch

Big red pouch

  • Product description: Big red pouch
《Big red pouch》, produced in Wuyishan, Fujian, is an oolong tea with excellent quality. Chinese special tea. Its shape is tightly tied, the color is green and brown, and the soup is orange and bright after brewing. The leaves are red and green. The most outstanding quality is the aroma of orchids, high fragrance and long-lasting, "rock rhyme" is obvious. In addition to the general tea with refreshing benefits, eliminate fatigue, health and diuretic, antipyretic heatstroke, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, detoxification and disease prevention, digestion and greasy, weight loss bodybuilding and other health functions, but also have anti-cancer, blood fat, anti-aging, and other special efficacy. Dahongpao is very resistant to brewing, and there are still fragrances for brewing seven or eight times. To drink the "Dahongpao" tea, you must follow the "Kungfu Tea" small pot and a small cup of slow drink recipes, in order to truly taste the Zen tea flavor of the rock tea. Focus on living, sweet, clear, and fragrant.


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