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  • Indonesian red arowana
Indonesian red arowana

Indonesian red arowana

During the red dragon juvenile period, the fins are light golden green, the scales are slightly pink, and the mouth is light red. When the fish is adult, the fish body is golden yellow, the scales are slightly golden-red in the scales, and the mouth and the lid are covered with special deep red markings, and the fins are dark red. The color of the fins and squashes of each part can be divided into orange, pink, deep red, blood red, and the whole body is sparkling, showing the unique charm. The color of the red dragon is usually as fast as one year. If it is slow, it will appear completely in ten years. The general time is 4 to 5 years. Under normal circumstances, the color of the arowana is gradually changed from yellow to orange, then from orange to light red, and finally turned into deep red. There are three types of super red dragons that are widely known. The common names are No. 1 Red Dragon, No. 1 Half Red Dragon, No. 2 Red Dragon. They can also be divided into “Chilli Red Dragon”, “Blood Red Dragon”, “Coffee Red Dragon”. "and "Golden Red Dragon" and so on. [1]
Chinese scientific name red arowana Latin name Scleropages formosus nicknamed red gold dragon vomiting beads, Wang family fish kingdom animal ridge phylum animal door Chordata phylum vertebrate subphylum Vertebrata class hard bone fish Osteichthyes subfamily finfish subfamily Actinopterygii eye tongue Osteoglossiformes Osteoglossidae is a Scleropages distribution area Sumatra and Kalimantan in Indonesia. English name Dragon fish. Small fish and small shrimps 80 to 90 cm long. Artificial reproduction can be artificially propagated. Endangered species protection measures Washington Convention Class A protected animals
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