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This product has anti-urgent immune growth factor, for aquatic animals due to fishing, moving. Water temperature shocks too large, PH will be instable. Shock transport, new environmental drug stimulation can cause low immunity, timid anorexia tightening enhanced hopping cylinder and other phenomena have obvious effect. It can effectively respond to tissue wound healing to promote the growth of organisms suitable for all seawater freshwater fish tortoises.
New fish into the tank or move the cylinder after the use can be eliminated urgently, with the use of bath fish can quickly restore the wound healing to restore vitality. Water exchange and shocking water temperature changes can quickly eliminate the sense of urgency. Broodstock to promote the use of this product can improve the development of sexual hypogonadism after the rapid restoration of physical development. Nursery period can make its fry fast palatability to increase the survival probability, fish anorexia can be added to promote the improvement of seasonal antifeedant. Transport can be used as a stable solvent, before adding to increase the survival rate can greatly reduce the mortality rate.

This product with 1 gram of 100L of water for each continuous use of 3-5 days, serious situation for 10 consecutive days, this product does not consider the water change problem.
Within the use of 1KG feed adds 10-20 grams dissolved and stir into the feed after feeding. Long-term use can prevent fish from various hidden diseases.
Non-pharmaceutical products are not treated as therapeutic agents. Using more will be turbid, no harmful ingredients and you can rest assured.

it comes with a spoon, a spoon of products weights 5 grams

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