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Angel Guardia

Angel Guardia

Application: Used for treatment of infections induced by most ornamental fish such as native Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, costia, and chiloclonella, and for treatment of bacterial infections such as negative and positive pathogens, baculovirus, and fungal infections.

It is especially suitable for the occasions where the condition of the disease cannot be judged, and shows a guardian sterilization effect for most infections.

For example, the following diseases: Blindfolded diopsoidea, loss of balance, white-headed white mouth disease,  scale protrusion disease, fin-rot disease, congested fish scale peeling off, shrinking fin piling, shortness of breath, traumatic rotten meat ulcers, yellow-white silk coverings, etc. It has auxiliary effect for the incurable diseases that cannot be judged.

This product combines the killing effect of internal and external common insects, and integrates the common problems of common bacterial infections outside fish, which can be eliminated in a short period of time, giving customers the hope of solving most diseases at one time. Welcome to choose TFB.


Shake well before use, change the water first if the water quality is poor, and increase the oxygen supply during treatment. Dosage of 2ML per 100L of water in treatment

Full dose for the first time, half dose on the second day, change of 30% for full dose complement on the third day. After 2 days, cycle the above steps according to the condition. Remember to change the water first.

Note: If there are delicate fish such as rainbow fish, the dosage is controlled at 1ML per 100ML of water.

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