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Air bacteria

  • Air bacteria
Air bacteria

Air bacteria

  • Product description: Air bacteria

This product contains nitrifying bacteria can be metabolized and strongly decomposed of ammonia and its nitrite, and the effective decomposition of enzymes, rapid decomposition of the bottom of the bait and other organic matter. It is rich in nitrifying bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria and other bacteria up to 10 times the power of 7 CFU. Rich in a variety of active bacteria, can quickly and effectively remove the bottom of the tank NO2.NH3.H2S and other harmful toxins. Bacillus subtilis and its tyrosinus which promote the increase in enteric effective bacteria in the intestine, promote digestion, intestines, prevent enteritis diarrhea, eliminate intestinal steep bacteria and prevent toxic abnormal fermentation, remove bad water and toxins in water, so that the rapid elimination, can reduce the B.0.D content. Increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, coupled with good water supplement live bacteria. The number of viable cells increased and it can balance and inhibit the excessive propagation of algae in the water, promote algae in the water alternating generations. Producing the advantages of aquaculture in the pool of green algae species. maintaining the balance of algae in the water to maintain plankton stability. So that the bottom of the aquaculture food source stable. But also can effectively drain too much bait and its death organic matter residue, reducing the water clearly ammonia, nitrite. Hydrogen sulfide and other substances. Strong decomposition to eliminate toxic gases in the pool, more suitable for high density. Poor water, water is not easy, ammonia nitric acid can not rule out the use of the bacteria and it can better increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water to prevent fish disease, to supplement the lack of beneficial fish flora and its trace elements such as enzymes and other useful additives The formation of soil flavor is a high concentration of nitrite with ammonia caused by Air bacteria can effectively solve the problem of stench, provide you with an air-like water quality, fish will be happy to grow forever.

For the first time, the ratio of this product is 1: 1 dealing with 100L water per 1 gram, maintaining 400L water for one gram per week
Depending on the actual situation may increase or decrease.
This product needs to be placed in a sealed container by adding 40 ° below the warm water activation, shaking dissolved and standing 5-10 minutes into the filter tank is better, and Increasing supply of oxygen to the filter is better.
This product is non-pharmaceutical products, it can not be treated as a therapeutic agent. It does not affect the use for the fact if you add more, it will be turbid

it comes with a spoon, a spoon of products weights 5 grams

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